Growing up as a desert girl, I have seen what happens to ladies’ skin when they are out in the sun for too long.  That, together with the fact that I don’t tan well, a spray tan is just my thing.

I successfully used my first can of Neutrogena spray tan for my junior year homecoming dance, and it was love ever since.  I tried out every fake and bake option that came on the market in the early 2000, and carried over to the Mystic Tan when they became available in tanning salons.  Any event, spring break or reason to be in a bikini, I was getting sprayed.

In 2010 I competed in my first pageant and had the luxury of being airbrushed.  OH MY GOODNESS,  Heaven on skin!   There was nothing quite like a customized, personalized, perfected airbrush tan, nothing has ever made me feel so gorgeous.  It is seriously like dropping 10lbs instantly.  I carried on this practice every time I had something important to do.  I even had the supreme airbrush tan for my wedding in NY.  

It wasn’t until I was getting sprayed for my dear friend’s wedding that I fell in love with the Body Bronze Product that I use today.  It was the first product that didn’t’ make my skin dry (a common occurrence with some spray tans) and didn’t make me smell like fried chicken (as my husband described past sprays).  I had to have this!  

It seemed only natural to me to make this “habit” of mine a profession.  So, I became trained by the National Tanning Training Institute provided by Body Bronze Products and my adventure as a airbrush technician began.

I love making my clients feel beautiful and watching them transform into gorgeously bronzed goddesses.  The Bronze Touch guarantees that you will feel sensational and love your airbrush tanning experience.  

 – Hilary Treglia